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Can a Pill Really Give You A Rock-Hard Physique
In Just A Few Short Weeks?

Listen: I realize this sounds a bit over the top. To be honest, I was skeptical too at first. Please just read this letter and when you are done draw your own conclusions. Okay?

The Classified U.S. Military Experiment That Unlocked
The Secret To Rapid Muscle Growth

Back in 1951, Dr. B.H. Ershoff conducted a series of experiments for the benefit of the U.S. Army. With America fresh out of World War II, the military was eager to find ways of building bigger, stronger, more muscular soldiers.

Dr. Ershoff and his research assistants set out to determine if there were any natural compounds that could help increase lean muscle and boost stamina. After many failures, Dr. Ershoff and his team made a dramatic discovery. By placing rats in a container of water, they could measure how long the rats could swim until they drowned.

When rats ate a regular diet, they swam for 13.3 minutes before drowning. If researchers added a small amount of Vitamin B powder to the food, the rats drowned in 13.4 minutes. A small improvement, but nothing to write home about.

Ershoff then added a small amount of an unusual, all-natural substance to the rat food. And then as always, the rats were placed in a container of water and left to drown.

Only This Time, The Rats Were Still Swimming A Full Two Hours Later!

Believe it or not, the substance Ershoff added was dried beef liver.

As it turns out, liver contains a mysterious anti-fatigue element known as P-450. Could dried liver really be the key to getting a “beefcake” body? It was starting to look that way. But one
question remained…

Will Liver Work For Humans?

In addition to P-450, liver contains a host of other crucial vitamins and minerals. Perhaps the most important is Vitamin A. Vitamin A is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL for building muscle because your body requires Vitamin A to convert the protein you eat into new muscle tissue.

In fact, if you find it difficult to build muscle you are probably low in Vitamin A.

At this point the Mayo Clinic caught wind of Ershof’s experiments. Mayo Clinic researchers tested the effects of the Vitamin A found in liver on humans.

The World Famous Mayo Clinic Proves Nutrients
In Liver Just As Powerful As Steroids

Scientists at the Mayo Clinic selected a group of boys who were smaller, weaker and lighter than their peers. This is a sign of low testosterone levels.

They split the boys into 3 groups. The first group was the control. The second group received injections of medical-grade steroids, namely synthetic testosterone. (This is the exact same stuff bodybuilders risk life and limb for out on the streets.)

The third group was given Vitamin A and Iron – key nutrients found in liver. After nine months, the control group showed no change. The group receiving steroid injections grew taller and gained muscle. No surprise there. What is shocking are the results from the third group.

Despite receiving only Vitamin A and Iron, they grew just as tall and added just as much muscle as the boys receiving illegal steroids! And the single richest source of Vitamin A and Iron is Liver.

Liver In A Pill?

With the scientific proof stacking up, drug-free bodybuilders in the 1950’s started eating liver by the pound. And soon supplement companies created liver pills made from dried beef liver. Turns out, these liver tablets were preferred by most bodybuilders because each tablet contained a concentrated dose of liver without any of the fat or cholesterol you would find in regular liver from the grocery store. One man – Jim Park – even went from having an average body to winning the Mr. Universe competition IN JUST 4 MONTHS by taking large doses of liver tablets each day!

Even legendary fitness icon Jack Lalanne swore by the benefits of liver tablets

How P-450 Builds Muscle Mass FAST

Genetically-average guys were getting huge practically overnight thanks to dried liver pills. And remember -this was back in the 1950’s before steroids were available! The key is P-450, the anti-fatigue factor found in liver. Thanks to this compound, your strength can skyrocket. Imagine curling 100 pounds for five tough reps on Monday… and by Friday easily knocking out 10 or even 15 reps with the same weight. Just think how fast your arms will grow.

Why Corporate Fat Cats BLACKLISTED This
Proven Muscle-Building Miracle

Even though regular guys were packing on huge amounts of muscle with liver tablets, the wealthy supplement company CEOs were furious. You see, these dried liver tablets were VERY expensive to produce and that meant TINY profit margins. And they couldn’t have that. As a result, many companies discontinued these proven, wildly popular liver tablets in favor of bogus, cheap-to-manufacture supplements. It’s been almost impossible to find dried liver tablets ever since.

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Most of our customers are NOT bodybuilders. But of course, if you choose to work out your results will only be more impressive. That’s why I believe this just might be the perfect supplement for drug-free guys who want a body like a Greek statue.

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P.S.Our liver tablets are created using beef liver from cows in Argentina. Cattle in the United States are pumped full of hormones and chemicals, forced to sleep in flth and fed all kinds of slop to make them fatter. But in Argentina, it is ILLEGAL to harm a cow in ANY WAY. Cows in Argentina are REQUIRED BY LAW to roam free and each cow receives a full acre of space. Cows in Argentina dine on wild oat grasses, wheat and natural alfalfa – just as nature intended. The cows are NEVER given any hormones or chemicals and it’s illegal to even BRAND a cow or do anything that would cause the animal any stress.For this reason, we only use dried liver from organic cattle in Argentina to create our liver tablets. But this adds weeks to our manufacturing time so you’d better order now to guarantee you’ll be able to reserve your supply of Tried & True Supplements Specially Formulated Liver Tablets.

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If you’re still skeptical, I urge you to check out these clinical references for yourself:

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